Utopian Cruises does not accept C.C. payments.  Payments may be made with cash (not mailed), money order, cashier’s check, traveler’s check, and personal or corporate check if received prior to two weeks of scheduled charter. Payments not received two weeks before charter require arrangements to be made with Utopian Cruises. One half of the estimated basic charter fee is required to reserve the vessel and the balance, along with the damage deposit and any other charges, is due 21 days prior to departure unless other arrangements are approved in writing by Utopian Cruises. The reservation deposit must be received no later than seven(7) days after the reservation is made or the reservation is subject to cancellation and the requested charter date will be made available to others. If the balance of the payment is not received by the required time and no other arrangements have been approved in writing, the contract is considered in breach and Utopian Cruises has the option of scheduling another charter on the requested date. If the requested date is chartered by another party, previous payments less a $250 cancellation fee will be refunded.  If no subsequent charter is scheduled for the date of your event,  the amount of the charge for the hourly rate of the charter will be forfeit.  A damage deposit of $250.00-$350 (depending on the nature of the charter) is required with the final payment and credit card information will be required in case of damages in excess of the cash deposit.  The deposit will be refunded within a week of the completion of the charter after we have had the opportunity to check for possible damages.  Should the customer become aware of any preexisting damage, please point out to crew.  If any damages should occur during the charter, please notify crew immediately to mitigate potential severity.  This contract is made between the signing party and Utopian Cruises.  Any arrangements the signing party has relative to sharing costs with others has no bearing on deadlines for payments and Utopian Cruises looks to signing party to meet appropriate payment deadlines regardless of any failure of timely participation by others.


If there are damages caused by the customer or their guests in excess of the damage deposit, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged directly to the customer’s credit card. A service charge will be deducted from the damage deposit for time involved by Utopian Cruises staff for replacing or repairing damaged items and the amount of charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on the extent of time required.


This is both a very seasonal and weekend business with little walk-in trade and necessitates a very firm cancellation policy which is as follows from April through October: REFUNDS, OTHER THAN DAMAGE DEPOSIT, TAXES, ANCILLARY CHARGES MADE FOR SERVICES OTHER THAN THE BASIC CHARTER RATE INCLUDING CATERING FEES (SEE EXCEPTION), HOT TUB, LINENS, ETC., WILL NOT BE MADE IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF CHARTER OR EARLY TERMINATION OF CHARTER BY CUSTOMER.  ONE HALF OF CATERING FEES WILL BE RETAINED FOR CANCELLATIONS OF LESS THAN 48 HOURS. However, with 30 days written notice, you may: 1. Reschedule for any time within the following 6 months with a $250 reschedule fee, 2. Receive 100% credit for your deposit to use in off peak season or any open date in peak season with two-day notice or, 3. You may cancel entirely with a $500 cancellation fee. Rescheduled charters under scenario #1 or #2 will be at the current or original rate, whichever is higher. With 60 day or greater written notice a charter may be canceled and deposit refunded less a $100 cancellation fee. A confirmation email, with contract attached, will be sent to customer within 24 hours of a firm reservation having been made. If the deposit to hold the reservation is not received within the required time, the requested date will be released.  Charters canceled due to weather conditions considered by the captain to be unsafe may be rescheduled or refunded.  Charters canceled by Utopian Cruises due to equipment failure will be refunded or rescheduled per customer’s instruction. Charters canceled by customer due to weather unsuitable for event, from December through March may be rescheduled at the rate in effect for the rescheduled time. Cancellations must be rescheduled within 12 months. Barters must be completed within one year from time of last service provided unless other arrangements are made in writing.


Utopian Cruises will provide USCG approved life jackets for all adult passengers to be used only in case of emergency. Any passengers needing or wanting to wear a USCG approved personal flotation device while swimming will need to bring their own. If we have approved passengers under ten years old who are independently mobile, customer must provide the appropriate life jacket to be worn at any time the child is outside of the cabin. Utopia has numerous recreational floating devices for swimmers including noodles, inflatables, and pads.  There is one very large and 3 medium size ice chests available to our customers. We suggest that you bring your drinks in their original packaging and any ice that you may need in ice chests and ice your drinks down in the chests on board.  Ice, snacks, beer, and soft drinks are available at the NorthShore Marina ship store.  Unless the event is being catered by Utopian Cruises, bring whatever you may need in the way of consumable kitchen supplies such as paper towels, napkins, foil, etc.. In order to conserve on limited water supply and reduce labor, you may want to consider disposable plates and eating utensils. Otherwise, bring whatever personal items including suntan lotions (no oils), first aid kit, beach towels (we do not provide towels for swimming), fishing equipment, binoculars, etc. that you may need to make your stay enjoyable. It has been our experience that most customers bring far too much food and clothing. Remember, storage space is limited for large groups and to avoid overcrowding from baggage, it is suggested that considerable thought be given to what is actually needed, both in the way of food and clothes. If you have a cellular phone you may want to bring your charger, either 110 (while generator is running) or cigarette lighter adapter. If you have any questions regarding what you might need to bring, please inquire.


Utopian Cruises wants their customers to have the greatest flexibility possible, regarding food arrangements, for their events. Accordingly, customers may bring their own food to serve their guests (no red wine or drinks with red dye allowed) or they may have Utopian Cruises cater the event, except for alcohol. Customers must bring their own alcoholic beverages or for a service charge and a no hassle experience, Utopian Cruises can purchase any requested beverages with the customers credit card and have on board and iced down at the time of boarding.No outside catering allowed. We do not allow the use of a large Margarita machine. There is a small machine available through a local vendor but must be pre-approved. No kegs allowed

If a charter customer chooses to provide the food, they must also provide ALL serving utensils, bowls, platters, baskets, paper towels, napkins, etc. or for a $20 flat fee they may use all of the extensive inventory of serving equipment on board the Utopia, excluding eating utensils and disposables. A blender may be rented for $10. Customers must also provide any serving help needed or they may elect to utilize the services of Utopian Cruises staff (1 person) @ $20.00/hour. If the customer chooses to utilize the equipment on the Utopia, all equipment must be left in the same condition as received. In any case, the kitchen should be left clean, as found, or a fee will be imposed as indicated below under Other Provisions. Sufficient time should be allowed for cleanup and/or removal of any decorations to be completed by the time Utopia returns to dock. Arrangements for any of the above services should be made at the time charter is contracted and any charges will be identified on contract. If no arrangements are made and customer later uses equipment or services, charges will be deducted from the damage deposit.


Departure and return times are set during initial charter arrangements and will be complied with unless prior agreement by Utopian Cruises. Charter passengers will board at the designated start time and must disembark at the designated end time to avoid additional charges unless previous arrangements with Utopian Cruises have been made. Departures delayed by customer will not extend return time. If a customer would like to extend the charter, we can do so on a cash basis if Utopia is not scheduled for a subsequent charter. Utopian Cruises will neither tie to shore nor anchor for less than a 4 hour charter.


We will not secure the boat in Devils Cove.  If being in Devils cove or is an absolute requirement of your group, we may not be the proper venue for your outing.

The depth of the water and shore conditions at Hippie Hollow will not allow us to secure the boat in that area.


  • Please supply a list of expected guests as far in advance of boarding as possible (list required by state law).
  • Utopia is a nonsmoking venue.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Hot tub will not be heated from June 1 to September 15 unless outside temperature falls below 75 degrees. The generator does not have the capacity to heat the hot tub and run the air conditioner at the same time.
  • There will be a $25.00 service charge for hot tub use whether heated or not and a $10 fee for the grill. Linen tablecloths are available for the upscale event @ $7.50/table.
  • All Trash must be contained and boat must be left in reasonably clean condition or $100 cleaning fee will be taken from damage deposit.
  • For hourly charters: The bedrooms are not available for hourly charters except for one that may be used for changing clothes only. If you feel you may have a need for a bed during an hourly charter, prior arrangements must be made and a fee charged.

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE UNDER 10 YRS OLD ALLOWED WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENT AT THE TIME OF CONTRACTING THE CHARTER. If any guests arrive with children under 10 yrs old without prior arrangement, they will not be allowed to board and no refunds given. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult anywhere on the boat.

Note: Holiday weekends are often scheduled a year in advance so plan ahead to make reservations as early as possible in order to ensure the desired date. A deposit is required to hold reservations.