Hello Mitch & Louise!
Thanks for sending the clothes we left on the boat. We had an unforgettable time on Utopia! We will talk about that trip forever. The boys had such fun fishing and eating their catch. I cannot find the slip of paper where Louise wrote the name of that herb for allergies you guys take. If you get a chance, would you email me with that name? We have not┬ácompletely cleaned out Tom’s car, but we can’t find the cd you made for us either. I’m sure it’s probably in there. I wanted Tom to put that music on the movie he’s going to make of our trip. Thanks again for making our family feel like Utopia was our home!

Kim Imber

Hi Mitch,
I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts on my behalf for the DELL outing yesterday. What a fine boat. The lunch was first rate. It was all really well organized, and you did such a fabulous job that I actually relaxed and enjoyed my own party. That never happens!

Ms. Carin M. Pacifico
Vice President, Foreign Exchange Citibank N.A.
San Francisco, CA

Thanks again for a wonderful day on your beautiful “home”. You and Louise were the BEST!! The kids and the old folks had a great time. Hope someday we can join you again. Don’t worry about the bowl. I will just contribute it to you for future parties. It is too much trouble to mail! Emily is off to New York on Wednesday!
We also had a wonderful time. I’ve heard nothing but extremely kind remarks from all those that attended. Everyone truly enjoyed the boat and you and your wife were fantastic hosts. Here’s a quick quote for your website if you choose to use it:
“Everyone involved had a fantastic time. The boat was immaculate and the Phillips were gracious hosts. I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy a weekend on the lake than spending w/ Utopian Cruises.”
Regarding the refund, that’s great, thank you for your honesty (would expect nothing less from a good Ag). We’ll definitely use you guys again.


Thanks Mitch. We had a great time!!! I am definitely coming back to Austin, and when I do, Utopian Cruises will be part of my stay. Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Caylan Myronowicz

Mitch and Louise,
HELLO THERE – We just got back some of our pictures from our trip with you last week. Everybody had a great time and the two of you were wonderful to be with. I am telling everybody about our trip and hopefully you will get some new business. I received the recipes and have already tried the bread. It was really good but probably would be better if it was made from a horizontal bread maker!! I just received the sack of clothes the boys left. Thanks for sending those on to us. School starts soon so we are trying to get all of reading done. Thanks again. Will keep in touch.

Jill Owen

Mitch & Louise,
Just a note to say hello and tell you what a wonderful time we had on the boat. The time went all too quickly, I was just getting into that cruising thing, and really wanted to see a Texas sunset on the boat.
Who knows, maybe one of these days we will spend another day with my favorite “Cappin and 1st Officer”. Thanks again for making it a really special day for our son Pat and new daughter in law Cheryl.
Dear Mitch & Louise,
I wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great time we had on Saturday evening. Both of you made our party even better than we could have hoped for. You certainly know how to take care of your guests. Thanks again.

Thank You,
Shanon Robnett
Robnett & Company, LLP
Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

Mitch, we had a blast. We definitely appreciate you guy’s hospitality. If you want you can throw them away. Or if you can use the sun glasses and phone charger then maybe next time we get together I could get them from you. That stuff is not important for me. None of it is mine and none of the guys have asked for it. Thanks for a heck of a time. See you soon.

Greg Svajian
Director of Construction
Austin Village Builders

Captain Phillips,
Once again I would like to thank both you and your wife Louise for providing a world class charter on Lake Travis. My wife Denise and our many guests had the time of their lives celebrating her 50th birthday. You provided a Utopian experience and one that reflects your personal commitment to service excellence!
We look forward to scheduling another charter in the near future.

Gerald Ladner
Regional President
State Auto Insurance Companies